Total Transformation

Have you felt that something just isn’t quite right but have no idea what it is? There’s nothing worse than feeling out of sorts and not knowing how to navigate to a safe and secure place.

Maybe you DO know what’s got you in a tizzy but you still can’t seem to shake it off. It just hangs around and keeps you down. Ignoring it hasn’t worked and let’s be honest, that’s kind of like trying to sneak the sun past a rooster… impossible.

It could be a relationship that’s gone or going south. Trying to manage relationships these days while juggling kids, career and a social life makes you want to just stick your head in the sand.

While that may work for a short while…it’s never long enough is it? You have to come up for air sometime. And when you do come up it seems as though the feelings of overwhelmed, unfulfilled and plain old stressed out have intensified somehow.

What would it mean to you if you could clear out all of that “nonsense” and wake up every day with a smile on your face knowing that whatever the Universe throws at you…you’ve got it handled?

Just imagine…close your eyes and really imagine living fearless and free! How would that change your life? What could you do with all of the energy you used to spend on the drama around you? Imagine a life without negative thoughts & emotions. 

Well… ABRACADABRA…ok so it’s not that easy, but it really is easier than you think.

There are a few different ways to approach living fearless and free, and each can lead to a magical and sometimes mystical transformation. It all depends on what floats your boat and what method, cosmology or modality resonates with you.

It could be you want to give them all a try… personally that’s my favourite because who really only likes vanilla ice cream anyway.

So let’s get started with a brief overview of some options.

  • Intuitive Readings

    Yup, good old fashioned readings that provide you with clarity and insight. Life is full of bumps and surprises. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get the real scoop on what and why things are happening in your life? Having the inside scoop will prepare you for these twists and turns, keeping you in the loop at all times. Maybe you have a burning question that needs answering and you just haven’t been able to wade through all the pros and cons that run rampant through that noggin’ of yours. Are you curious about a job offer or is there a special someone you’re wondering about? Going direct to Source is a great way to clear any confusion.

Limitless possibilities are just a click away. 

  • Open to Freedom

    These 1:1 sessions work to address deeper desires to clear energy, habits and patterns of negative thinking, fear, worry and doubt that are lurking way beneath the surface just begging to be found and released. Open to Freedom starts the process of learning how to operate your magnificent being to its fullest potential and includes (if desired) learning how to create sacred space for meditation, meeting your Angels or Spirit Guides and raising your vibration so that you have clear access to the higher dimensions and your inner wisdom. These are collaborative sessions that are guided by where you are currently and where you desire to go. Of course this can morph and change as we move through this “space” and you begin your dive into being limitless and boundless.

Limitless possibilities are just a click away. 

  • Past Life Regression

    I LOVE these!!! Did you know that energy can get “stuck” from past life experiences and it tends to show up as habits and patterns in this life? Ever wonder who you were in a past life? Have you ever been baffled by recurring themes in your life without knowing why or where they came from? Believe it or not, we can carry forward behaviours and beliefs from experiences in our past lives. But…. the really amazing thing is that we can go back into those lives and clear those patterns and energies that affect us in this life. I know… super cool, right? Past life regression provides an opportunity to discover your authentic self and begin to understand the deep inner meanings in your life. This is a very personal journey where you will discover the majesty and power that dwells within you. Many “why’s” and “whoa’s” will be unearthed through this profound, safe and magical experience.

Limitless possibilities are just a click away. 

  • Energy Mapping & Clearing

    Everything is Energy….everything! And that means you too. Science through quantum physics has proven this time and time again. We are a complex system of energetic pathways and just like all pathways, they can become overgrown and blocked. Which makes getting to where we want and need to go difficult at times. We can also accumulate negative energy patterns that can sometimes make it seem as though we’re going crazy. Good news, you’re not really going crazy…but it sure as heck feels like it. Mapping and clearing these pathways is a terrific way of getting you back onto solid ground because doing the same old thing you’ve always done will only get you more of what you already have.

Limitless possibilities are just a click away. 

  • Mystical Mapping

    Have you ever laid awake at night wondering, “is this really it…”, “is this life”, Getting up and rushing to work, trying to get ahead to make a few more bucks, wrestling with relationships & family, and having the life sucked out of you, while wishing each day would pass as quickly as possible until you can get to the weekend? I call this “wishing your life away”.

    Mystical Mapping is in-depth specialized 1:1 experience that can involve any or all of the above including the Open to Freedom experience, and is for those that want to explore the deeper meaning of “life” with a focus on understanding and coming to know yourself as Spirit first having a human experience. We will journey and navigate through the mental body, ego, and energy systems that block, condition and restrict this “inner knowing” that often results in feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and stressed-out. You are more than you think you are. You will learn how to dissolve these “limitations” and be able to step fully into “knowing” how to create and manifest the life you’ve only ever dreamt of.  This is not for everyone and is by application only.

Yes… Bring on Freedom

HOW? Grab a FREE chat so we can connect and see what shoe fits the best.

The call is completely wrinkle-free with no strings… no charge, no money, no nada… just show up and see what happens. Who knows where it could lead. Limitless possibilities are just a click away. Calls are done through Zoom or Skype… easy peasy.

Leena’s Experience

The coaching sessions with Carmelle have been much more than I could have asked for. Her empathy and connection to the higher realm make her a much needed resource to anyone seeking spiritual awakening and guidance. She offers a very honest, tactful and loving approach in her guidance and has helped me cultivate an intentional daily practice that works with my busy lifestyle. I highly recommend Carmelle to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and I have the greatest confidence that you’ll have an incredible experience.


Fernanda’s Experience

Carmelle is a wonderful coach. I was struggling in my relationship with my boyfriend and she helped me discern my thoughts and gave me tangible tools to make a decision on what is best for me. Carmelle was sensitive to my feelings yet objective in guiding me to see my current situation from a different perspective. She was able to identify the main points in my struggles and successfully aid me in understanding the situation. I highly recommend Carmelle. I loved worked with her! Thank you Carmelle for your wonderful skills and open heart as a soul coach.

Fernanda Durlene
Sedona, AZ