There’s more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to clearing and releasing negative & crossed energy.

Soul Medicine Energy Clearing

So what the heck does a medicine woman/shaman do exactly?

At its basic level, shamanism is the practice of spirit/energy. To a shaman, all things are understood as spirit/energy. This includes everything that we know as physical – bodies, buildings, objects, food – and everything we know as non-physical – thoughts, feelings and emotions.

With the day to day demands of the modern world, many people are suffering from crossed and negative energy that accumulates over time that builds up and impedes the natural flow of energy. This can cause stress levels to rise resulting in anxiety, worry, fear and depression.

Think of this as a backed-up toilet. If the water or energy can’t flow properly it backs up causing a hot mess on the surface.

  • Release stuck emotions
  • Uncross negative energy
  • Kick fear and worry to the curb
  • Heal relationship, health and money issues
  • Resolve limiting habits and patterns
  • Make peace with the past
  • Access intuition and inner wisdom

Yes… bring on some Soul Medicine!

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Meghan’s Experience

Looking to breakthrough to a new level of success and happiness? Ready to shift your mindset and tap into your heart and soul? Well, Carmelle has the rare ability to see where her clients’ energy is stuck and how to release it. She then offers compassionate, wise reflections with a good dose of humor to help her clients integrate these vital energetic changes into their everyday lives. She is a masterful healer and coach.

Meghan Gilroy Toltec Shaman, Coach

Sacred Plant Medicine Pre & Post Integration

So… either you’re thinking about experiencing sacred plant medicine or you have already. I am a big fan of plant medicine and have experienced ayahuasca, san pedro (huachuma), peyote, sanango, sananga, tobacco and hapay….many times.

Having worked with the shamans in the Amazon and preparing to become a Ceremony Assistant with Blue Morpho Tours, I can tell you that being prepared is of the utmost importance if you want to get the most out of this amazing healing and life-changing experience.

The same can be said for post medicine experiences, as integration with your everyday life can be “interesting” to say the least.

Sacred plant medicines generate a shift in consciousness. When human consciousness is cleansed, activated and balanced, life-improvement becomes inevitable. All of the things we have searched for in our lives and our spirituality become possible.

Clearly this is no small affair and should be treated with the reverence and respect it so rightly deserves. Sacred plant medicine should be approached in a very particular way in order to maximize results and avoid any “unpleasant” after-effects.

It is incredibly important to understand “why” you are about to enter into this new relationship with this sacred plant medicine spirit. Yes, Spirit….regardless of which medicine you may choose to experience, it is important that you know that this Spirit will remain with and help you until or if you ask it to leave.

Once Then we can discuss “how” to approach your experience in a way that will serve your highest good while receiving your personal healing and spiritual growth.

Challenges during the ceremony are pretty much a given as you will be asked to face and look at your current belief structure and system in a way that will make you question many things. In order for the medicine to heal past wounds rooted in trauma or otherwise, you must surrender to and trust the medicine fully. The question is, “are you ready to face anything that may come up” in order to receive your desired intentions? Are you prepared to do this without guidance and support going into and coming out of ceremony?

Using my training, experience, knowledge and learning of the plant medicines, I will guide and provide you with a structure to successfully engage with the medicine in ceremony as well as how to navigate through the post ceremony integration phases and stages that can be complex and confusing if left to your own devices.

You will have a structure that will maximize personal transformation, healing, evolution and spiritual learning. Last but not least, with proper integration you will begin to understand the deeper meaning to life itself.

Yes… I want to integrate Sacred Plant Medicine!

Step into a whole new world of healing and exploration. It’s best if we connect and develop trust before diving in so…

Sooooo…… you want to be a Shaman

Shamanic Mysticism just might be the oldest spiritual practice on the planet. One that is not necessarily based on faith in a particular god, but rather based on animism, the belief that everything is living and has a spirit.

A shaman is concerned with the health and well-being of the entire community….not just one person. They are completely inclusive of all people with no judgements and approach everyone and everything with the focus always being for the good of the whole.

Becoming or being a Shaman is not for everyone and enrolment in this program will largely be determined by your intentions, your current energy state, your belief system and whether or not you will be able to strip away everything you “think” you currently are so that you can step into being “everything that you truly are”.

5 Elements Modern Shamanism Program

You will learn core shamanic principles and tools that encompass mind, body, heart and spirit. It is a profound program for anyone deeply interested in learning shamanism as well as those that are interested in personal growth and spiritual exploration.

The program is all encompassing and designed in such a way that you can work at your own pace with regular accountability and support sessions. It includes a variety of activities, tools and practices that that you will be able to apply directly to your life, as you live it in each moment.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the themes that you will explore.

  • Setting Sacred Space
  • Conducting Ritual
  • Connecting with Guides and Power Animals
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Exploring Under, Upper and Divine Dimensions
  • Spirit Communication
  • Spirit Communication
  • Advanced Shamanic Space
  • Journeying in the Middle World
  • Shamanic Vision
  • Learning Powers and Abilities
  • Training your Mind

Yes… I want to learn 5 Elements Shamanism!

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