Katelynn’s Experience

Carmelle walks her talk and comes across authentic and real on stage. She was able to engage the audience with her humour, fascinating life story and courageous exploration into spirituality and human nature. She took us on a journey of discovery, we laughed, cried and learned a lot about what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. I would highly recommend Carmelle as a speaker and expert.

Katelynn Fetterly 

Meghan’s Experience

Looking to breakthrough to a new level of success and happiness? Ready to shift your mindset and tap into your heart and soul? Well, Carmelle has the rare ability to see where her clients’ energy is stuck and how to release it. She then offers compassionate, wise reflections with a good dose of humor to help her clients integrate these vital energetic changes into their everyday lives. She is a masterful healer and coach.

Meghan Gilroy Toltec Shaman, Coach

Robin’s Experience

I had the honour of going on a retreat with Carmelle to The Sacred Pyramids of Teotihuacan a few months ago. She was one of the facilitators of the retreat and I am forever grateful to have met her on this path. Carmelle is a powerhouse. Her incredible intuition, open heart, and ability to walk in her truth has been an magical thing to witness, to learn from, and assist in my healing. I was also blessed to able to attend her course, Hijacking Happiness. Not only is Carmelle’s material relatable and digestible, she brings her whole self to every class and conversation which creates a safe place for me to share and grow. She listens, she is present, and she is so knowledgeable. She is authentic in her expression and it shows up in love. Carmelle teaches from a place of experience and belief in possibility. She is not only a great source to work through healing, she helps me find my own joy in moving forward. And THAT, to me, is priceless.

Robin Paulino

Mariana’s Experience

There are no words to describe Carmelle and what a blessing she is to this planet. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and it shows every time you have the pleasure of being around her. She has been a true ray of truth for me in the sessions we have had together, and has guided me to a path of true happiness and self-awareness, with a spiritual enlightening along the way.

At times where this is a lot of fog in my life, she reminds me ever so gently that the past is just that: the past. It has helped mold me into who I am, but does not tie me to my unlimited capabilities as a powerful woman. Ever since our sessions have started, there have been an abundance of blessings that unfolded. I entered into a new path in my career, in which I never thought possible or achievable before.

I am wealthy in love and gratitude, and have abundant money flow as a result of it. I would recommend Carmelle to anyone looking to gain some clarity in life, and learn the true meaning of gratitude and manifestation. THANK YOU, CARMELLE FOR THIS AMAZING JOURNEY!!

Mariana N.

Fernanda’s Experience

Carmelle is a wonderful coach. I was struggling in my relationship with my boyfriend and she helped me discern my thoughts and gave me tangible tools to make a decision on what is best for me. Carmelle was sensitive to my feelings yet objective in guiding me to see my current situation from a different perspective. She was able to identify the main points in my struggles and successfully aid me in understanding the situation. I highly recommend Carmelle. I loved worked with her! Thank you Carmelle for your wonderful skills and open heart as a soul coach.

Fernanda Durlene
Sedona, AZ

Carol’s Experience

Carmelle is a knowledgable and relaxing guide. She made me feel so relaxed and safe so that I could get to a place where I could make positive changes in my life. This was such a great experience for the highest good of my soul. I am blessed to have worked with her.

Carol Harguth
Antioch, CA

Carmelle Then and Now…

I recently reconnected with Carmelle after a year of not seeing her.  I knew she was on a new path but was curious as to what prompted this dramatic shift and where she was going in her new life.  We can all learn from Carmelle’s transformation.

I first met Carmelle about 2 years ago while facilitating a giving program at her former place of employment.  Carmelle was part of a small committee deploying funds from the company to various charities and her passion was apparent. Carmelle presented as someone who cared but there was an edge to how she communicated and her sharp tongue and quick wit were her trademarks. People thought this was her personality but it was a mask, covering her unresolved issues from the past and general unhappiness with her life.  She emerged as a leader in this group and accomplished some wonderful things for the community but I could not understand where she was coming from and her motivation for being a part of this initiative.  I now see the person who was hidden deep within; the caring, nurturing, kind soul that has emerged.

Fast forward to 2017 and we have the answers. Carmelle is that rare person who made the decision to explore a new path and find the life she wanted. She was willing to confront the past and then let go, to accept how she got here and move forward.   She took risks, travelled far and wide to find the answers and committed to the hard work, embracing the new life she wanted.  Carmelle transformed into the soft-spoken, peaceful person you see today. Relationships are healed, health and wellness achieved, and a serenity and happiness that radiates from every part of her.  We are all capable of making this journey and with Carmelle’s guidance you will be able to transform your life.

Sharon D.

Leena’s Experience

The coaching sessions with Carmelle have been much more than I could have asked for. Her empathy and connection to the higher realm make her a much needed resource to anyone seeking spiritual awakening and guidance. She offers a very honest, tactful and loving approach in her guidance and has helped me cultivate an intentional daily practice that works with my busy lifestyle. I highly recommend Carmelle to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and I have the greatest confidence that you’ll have an incredible experience.


Energy Healing

I was in dire need of an emotional boost. I was feeling lost and full of negative self-talk. I reached out to Carmelle to help and arranged an energy healing session with her. I arrived to her peaceful space not really sure of what to expect. I had one of the most wonderful experiences! Not only did I receive the emotional boost I needed, I have felt truly elevated and connected.

Zdenka C.

George and Eleni’s Experience

Both my partner and I have witnessed an extraordinary metamorphosis in Carmelle this past year. Her dedication to her personal Journey into the centre of her soul, has deepened her connection and devotion to her Higher power.
As a result, she has embraced life fully, truly guided by this connection in undeniable trust.
She is an example to the rest of the world by living life full throttle and beyond all limitations.
Congratulations Carmelle on being an instrument of Gods grace in helping to create an enlightened planetary civilization.

George and Eleni

Gillian B’s Experience

“It was clear from our first meeting that Carmelle was a champion for the underdog. That behind that tough exterior she had a deep empathy for anyone struggling to find their place in the world.
I watched this compassion play out as she sought to find an outlet for her concern for all lives; a community centre supporter, an overseas dog rescuer, a caretaker for Vancouver’s homeless youth, and an inspired food distributer to the hungry in India, but none of this seemed to bring her the inner peace and clarity of purpose she was seeking.

Over the past year Carmelle has been on a journey physically, emotionally and spiritually; one that has tested her as she reconnected with her source and guiding spirit. This journey has brought her to a place where she is still the strong, confident and capable woman she presented at our first introduction but now softer, calmer and with the radiating energy of someone who is in harmony with their place in the world. Her inner compass has found true north as she has a clear personal calling and life purpose.

Through self exploration and connection the healer has healed herself and now the struggle is gone, the tension has eased and the beauty shines through.”

Gillian B.

Lorri D’s Experience

Over the 20 years of knowing Carm this is the short story. When I was asked to lay down a few words, I found it difficult where to start. The first words that came to mind were suppression, lost and seeking for more. Unsettled like trying to harness a wild horse but yet always had insight.

All the fixings were gradually there but her home was still empty. Then pressure, guilt, and a push for change became inevitable.

Now I see she has found her home in a settled sanctuary of peace, comfort and stillness. Carm was dedicated in her search and found a place for herself, for her insight, still morphing and seeking without being lost.

She forgave herself, has forgiven and moves through this world with a brighter light and a happy heart in a happy home within herself.

“People don’t change they reveal who they are”.

Lorri D.