Hijacking Happiness Live is a weekly gathering that welcomes men and women from all walks of life that are sick and tired of wading through the negativity that creates chaos & conflict in everyday life.

We will discuss the world “out there” and how to navigate the land mines with simple yet profound methods that defuse those nasty “triggers” that send us eyeball deep into frustration, anger and good old road rage.

Let’s explore what’s got you in a pickle in “real time” and deactivate that ticking time bomb before it explodes and gets outta control.

The negative effect and storyline has been around for hundreds of years.  As a result, we have become conditioned to “give in” to the seemingly constant stress response instead of truly finding our happy place.  

We will dive into some well-known but often forgotten myths about what happiness really is and discover some mind blowing tips, tricks and tools to access it on a regular basis.

These techniques will free you from the conditioned mind and the self limiting beliefs that permeate society as a whole and will shift you from “I can’t, I’m afraid, and I’m worried”, to fearless and free.

If you’re ready to explore the depths of your inner wisdom, psyche, and intuition on a whole new level and rise above the same old $h!T then this is definitely for you.

Doing the same thing you’ve always done will only get you more of what you already have.  Do you have the desire, willingness and courage to do and look at things “differently”?  Are you ready to challenge your current belief systems and reclaim your inner superhero?

There is one thing that I know for sure….
At some point in your evolution you must go within to grow.
Not to seek God, not to cross the finish line, not to find the truth, not to be a certain someone or something….
but because there is nowhere left to go.

Join me live in this safe space to explore gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and tremendous amounts of joy and happiness.

I will share with you my journey to wholeness and
how I went from a place of miserable suffering to discovering and reclaiming my inner Superhero.