Deciding that the mundane life in a box world no longer suited her, Carmelle set out on a mission to find herself and her true calling.  Clearing away the cobwebs and releasing the fear and doubt that had become strange bedfellows, Carmelle has emerged whole and one with Spirit.

Carmelle liberates the human spirit by helping men and women from all walks of life, shift from overwhelmed, unfulfilled and plain old stressed out to fearless and free.  She is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to realize, embrace and understand themselves as powerful, energetic beings through their connection to Source.

Carmelle’s signature program, “Hijacking Happiness – How to Reclaim your Inner Superhero in a Culture of Chaos & Conflict” focuses on the underlying causes of unhappiness, how to change them and lays out step by step her breakthrough and innovative process by which to achieve lasting peace and happiness.