Walking between Worlds

Walking between Worlds, Sacred Ceremony

Settled upon the Sun laying in wait for the Jaguar to make her presence known.  The chamber opens and closes, my heartbeat matching her footsteps as she draws near.  Breathe; just breathe....TRUST.

I can feel her heat beside me with focused intent, the cinnabar scorching.  Her paw landing on my chest, barely resting; yet pressing.  The connection is made among many.  Ancestors flashing before me....SURRENDER.

Flames rising, wind blowing, earth shaking, waves pounding.  The butterflies are here flirting with infinity.  Then nothing; disappearing through the Veil.  Floating above the Sun, where am I now?  Nothing but space, time is gone.  Further, higher, between, above, below.... PEACE.

Walking between worlds, a stones throw from the furthest star.  The air is thin and cool.  Warmth coming only from the realization that I have chosen it.... GRATITUDE.

Lounging on Venus, skipping through the Milky Way, singing with Orion, dancing rings around Saturn.  I can see it now; my dream, my creation, my greatest desires written between the stars.  Nehwey sibyanak aykana d'shmeya aph b'arab.  Can I stay.?...BEAUTY.

As I swim past Mars the Jaguar appears as a silhouette across the moonlight.  Protecting, stalking, conjuring.  What do you want? YES!  She leads me and we walk in silence, stillness without ego or personality.  My heart is full, bursting....LOVE.

NO, wait!  God it hurts. Scratching, clawing, separating, cracking.  Please forgive me she asks.  Light, flowing, surging, pulsing, screaming.  She licks her paws and then my wounds.  Healing, freeing, soothing.  I forgive you.  Heaven and Earth are made One.  Bridge, vessel, words, I AM.  She is me and I am her.  I and the Jaguar are one....ETERNITY.

Carmelle Kemp

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