The Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate of Expanded Reality

I know… it sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it.  Narrow and expanded all at the same time.  And that is exactly what it was and is.  A Divine Paradox of gigantic proportion.

 It’s easy to get lost in the Spirit world.  When I say lost, I don’t mean literally as in you can’t find your way back.  But easy in the sense that if you’re not grounded, it’s easy to fly around exploring and forget why you went in there in the first place.

 Grounding is critical to “space travel”.  You need to be able to bring the good stuff back into the physical & material plane if it is to matter at all.  No pun intended!

 And on this particular Saturday morning I was grateful to be reminded to stay grounded and present before I traveled through a Narrow Gate and into the 11th Dimension of non-physical oneness.

 Had I been consumed with only where I was about to go, I would not have been able to bring back and ground the experience into my consciousness and the very fabric of my being. 

 This was to be my third session with Judith K. Moore, a gifted, amazing and incredibly accurate Oracle who works through the mirror of Mary Magdalene and channels the Divine Wisdom.

 And again for the third time, Judith had read my energy before the call but unlike the first two sessions she didn’t relay to me what I had been feeling or going through, which had always been bang on.

 This time was different and as she told me we could come back to my intention, she first wanted to tell me what she saw.  I was intrigued and by now knew enough to follow the energy and guidance so I sat silently relaxed and at attention waiting on the edge of my chair for her next words.

 “I saw a doorway of light, I heard that you are ready to pass through into a light realm to meet cosmic masters that have awaited your entry…”   And then it got really interesting.

 I have had some pretty special and amazing experiences and have felt some beautiful, intense, warm and loving energies, but this.  This was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Energy is an interesting playmate at times, sometimes it shows up as a feeling, knowing or visually but when it shows up as all three it is truly something to behold.   It's magic and it makes you want to pinch yourself to make sure that you're not going crazy or have fallen asleep and are dreaming.  

But going through that doorway of light was the most incredible energy I have seen, felt and known.  I don’t even know what word/s to use to describe it.  

 Every single hair, every cell, every water molecule, every drop of blood, every pore and every inch of my skin tingled and vibrated all at the same time. 

 I was in awe! I felt small and larger than I’ve ever been at the same time.  My reality expanded and I could feel it.  And I knew it.  With everything that I AM, I knew it. 

 My reality and consciousness are no longer linear or confined to the material plane.  It was initially surreal x 10.  Now that it has settled and integrated, it is as though I am literally riding a magic carpet.

Tears flowed, a smile beamed across the light that was my face, and my heart grew again like the Grinch’s that day.  All of the work, all of the stripping down, the transformation, the reinvention, and the relentless dog-with-a-bone devotion to discovering who I AM came to an epic, mother of all wonders experience and acknowledgement of all that I have attained.

The energy of love, peace and harmony was almost overwhelming.  And the really cool thing is that I can tap into that energy any time I want to.  Any energy, anytime.

Everything is Energy and when you truly realize that and become One with it, it’s like playing with play-dough.  You can form anything you desire, anything you can imagine you can create.  It doesn't matter if you call "it" energy, God, Source, Spirit, Universe....they are all One and the same thing.

 How did I get to this point?

  • Awareness – I became aware that my life wasn’t working for me anymore and I started to question what this “life” business was all about.
  • Willingness – that awareness led to a willingness to explore “other” options. Other as in “something different”, “something better”.
  • Desire – that willingness led to a desire to change my life. Actually change my perception of my existence is more like it.
  • Courage – that desire led to building up of courage to trust and surrender. The courage to trust myself and surrender to the flow of the Universe.
  • Action – that courage led to taking action and becoming. It took practice and doing just like anything else but it sure paid off.
  • Becoming – that becoming led to discovering who I AM as a multi-dimensional being - Spirit, because we really are Spirit first having a human experience.

 Ok, so there’s a few things in between all of the above that happened, but that’s really the nuts and bolts of it - easy enough right?  It takes a bit of practice like anything else.  But if I can do it, anyone can!

 One of the best and easiest ways to get started?  Remember at the beginning I mentioned the importance of grounding?  Seriously, it is so fundamentally important to the process.  Once you know how to ground, it makes manifesting and creating with energy and implementing the Law of Attraction child’s play.  It is by far the best way to get started if you're serious and committed to connecting with Source.

 And best of all, it is so incredibly easy and I do all the work for you.   Here's the free link . to the Inspiration Stone Guided Meditation - just enter your info find a quiet place to sit or lay down and tap into the secrets of Earth Energy.

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