Radiant Moon of Compassion

Radiant Moon of Compassion - Kuan Yin Oracle

Kuan Yin sits on the Radiant Moon of Compassion.  A beautiful reminder to hold the vibration of love, peace and compassion.  Release yourself from the lower energies of judgement, fear and doubt.  These energies have surfaced so that you can grow.  Let them move through you to make room for love.  

You are urged to have compassion for yourself as well as others.  Do not beat yourself up for feeling these energies, they do serve a purpose if you lean in and understand them. 

These current energies may seem external to you, in the form of a person, place or thing or perhaps they are internal taking the form of self-doubt, judgement or criticism.  You can choose to let these energies pull you down further into fear and judgement or you can choose to grow spiritually through the practice of compassion and allow yourself to move into a greater knowing of peace, love and freedom.  

Compassion does not mean that you have to be a door-mat or give in to the drama of those around you.  I does not mean becoming sympathetic and falling into a role of "rescuing" anyone.

Compassion is being aware and realizing that all souls have the power to create their own life experience.  Compassion is to honour another's path regardless of how it may make you "feel" or pass judgement on.  To honour another's path is to understand that we all have the same lessons to learn but that we simply learn them at different points either in this lifetime or the next.  

Native American or First Nations people knew this well.  They understood that we all have to stand on the same "spoke" of the Medicine Wheel.  With this understanding there was no thought of judgement, rather only compassion.

This may be time for you to make a decision.  Can you honour another's path without judgement?  If another's energy is constantly bringing you down, it may be time for you to leave this person or situation behind.  Can you honour your own path and feelings without judgement?  Allow yourself the feelings but really try to understand where they are coming from and "why".  Then let them go if they do no longer serve you.

Kuan Yin can help you release these lower energies.

Healing Meditation - Sit quietly with your eyes closed, taking a few long and deep breaths and become aware of your heart.  Have the intention that the light of your heart grows brighter and brighter and shine this light on the feeling or situation.  If you are not visual that's ok, just imagine what it would feel like to have this "light of your heart" shining brightly.  

Imagine that within this light there is a vibrant and radiant moon shining with compassion.  As this light shines it illuminates the situation and brings forth the truth out from underneath any fear, judgement or illusion.  It is now ready to be healed and let go of.

Quietly think or speak the following (you can record this on your phone and play it back so it is easier). "Beloved Mother of Campassion, Kuan Yin, I call upon you now.  I ask that you help me now as I shine my heart light, filled with the light of your radiant moon of compassion on this situation (state the situation).  May this situation be blessed with your Divine Compassion.  May all involved see clearly and rise above their ego and judgement into compassion, understanding and peace.  May the soft light of your compassionate grace bring healing now. And so it is.  Om Mani Padme Hum

Prayer of the Radiant Moon of Compassion - Beloved Kuan Yin, your compassion empowers you with endless energy, patience, peace and love.  Infuse me with your light and help me find my compassion so that I may rise above the energies of fear and judgement into greater compassion that liberates me to live my own life in peace.  Shine upon me beloved Radiant Moon of Compassion. Om Kuan Yin, Om Mani Padme Hum.

You can repeat this meditation and prayer as often and for as long as you are guided.  The energy of Kuan Yin is a beautiful, present and loving energy.  You will feel her presence while in the meditation.  Be open, present and available for her to fill your heart.  If ever you find that you need her help and you are unable to meditate, simply say her name - Kuan Yin, I call upon you now, Om Mani Padme Hum and she will shine her love, compassion and mercy upon you.


Carmelle Kemp

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