past life regression

Ever wonder who you were in a past life?  Have you ever been baffled by recurring themes in your life without knowing why or where they came from?

Believe it or not, we can carry forward behaviours and beliefs from experiences in our past lives.  

But…. the really amazing thing is that we can go back into those lives and clear those patterns and energies that affect us in this life.  I know… super cool, right?

 Past Life Regression

Past life regression provides an opportunity to discover your authentic self and begin to understand the deep inner meanings in your life.  

This is a very personal journey where you will discover the majesty and power that dwells within you.

Many “why’s” and “whoa’s” will be unearthed through this profound, safe and magical experience.

If you’ve ever searched through your past and childhood to understand who you are, this is definitely for you.

 Past Life Regression

During the past life regression, you are always in control of the process and make the decisions about what you want to do, where you want to go and what you may want to change or re-write.

If you are ready to discover what might be holding you back or why that “thing” keeps showing up in your life, maybe it’s time to look into your far past to gain the Clarity, Revelation & Freedom you are seeking.

Carmelle is a certified Advanced Past Life Regression Coach personally trained by world renowned and bestselling author Denise Linn.

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