How to turn those F-Bombs to Bliss

How to turn those F-Bombs to Bliss

BOOM !!!  Have you ever felt like you were just going to totally lose it? 

You know, that super emotional state where you are literally shaking, blood is boiling and about to come shooting out the top of your head like in one of those scary movies that I can’t watch to save my soul.

Your co-worker just threw you under the bus.  Your boss threw you “that look”.  Now you are on a slippery slope and have more work piled on just for good measure.  You could spit nails and you’d love to just throw her out the window.

You are ready to drop the F-bomb (or a G-rated version!)

Let’s face it… poop happens and sometimes in huge piles.  So what happens next?

  1. Either you bottle it all up inside and try to pretend it never happened.  If you’re good at this, [like I was] no one will notice that you’re about to go postal. 
  2. Or, you burst and all hell breaks loose… and probably the vase too.

Hmmm… neither is very appealing, but pretty typical.  Keeping everything inside  just makes you rot from the inside out. Blowing up usually involves some sort of physical expression or just out and out hysterical crying & screaming… not so great either.

What if you learnt how to deal with life’s poop parties in a way that enables you to keep a cool tool and your dignity at the same time?  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Fasten your boot straps cuz here we go with the earth shattering epiphany, the first tool in the ol’ toolbox and the one that you’ve been carrying with you since birth but somehow have forgotten to use it. 

Your breath – yup good old fashioned oxygen.

Breathe…, just breathe!!!

Really breathe, not this shortened version that we tend to just get by on.  Breathe right down in to your belly.  Just stop and breathe.

Inhale through your nose to the count of three and exhale to the count of three and do this 3 to 5 times.  You will be pleasantly surprised with what happens.  And you can do this anywhere and in any situation. 

If you stop and think about it for a minute, whenever you get upset, nervous or stressed out, you start tightening your breath.  Why? It’s really weird but it’s true.  It’s not like we’re going to suffocate ourselves to death, so why?

You tighten your muscles, your jaw – grind your teeth like some crazed animal and yes even your butt.  It’s like everything is trying to turn itself inside out.  Everything gets tighter, shorter and smaller.  Which only leads to feeling worse.  So loosen up will ya…. Sheesh. 

Deep breathing is a sure fired way to loosen up AND getting more oxygen to the brain in a fit of rage can’t be a bad thing either.  Seriously though, it makes such a difference when you breathe deeply to get yourself off of the emotional rollercoaster NOW

Save your energy for the date night you have planned later or really enjoy that bubble bath with your name on it.  Enjoy your kids instead of being all wound up and stressed out. 

If you catch these things in the bud, and deal with them in real time you can enjoy the things that matter most to you instead of wasting energy on all of the external crap in your world. 

Using your breath is a key component to keeping a cool tool under pressure.  If you want to dive deeper and learn a few more tips and tricks to create more sanity in your world I’ve created a cool kit that you can find here.


Carmelle Kemp is a Modern Mystic, Intuitive Soul Coach & Spiritual Healer.  Deciding that the mundane, life in box world no longer suited her, she set out on a mission to find herself and her true calling.  Clearing away the cobwebs and releasing the fear and doubt that had become strange bedfellows, Carmelle has emerged whole and one with Spirit. 

Carmelle Kemp

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