How to talk to your Guardian Angels

How to talk to your Guardian Angels

3 Easy steps to connect to your Guardian Angel

We all have them!  They are there patiently waiting for you to acknowledge them and start communicating with them.  Your Guardian Angel, or Angels for some (yup you can have more than one) are right there almost begging you to say hello.

Because all human beings are born with free-will, our Angels cannot intervene or help us unless we ask.  And honestly that is all it takes…. just ask.   Simply start talking to them as if they were an old friend. 

Usually the hardest thing for people to do is to admit to themselves that they wish they could communicate with their Angels, or convince themselves that they do actually exist.  Us humans have a hard time thinking that there is something or someone else “out there”.  We start thinking that we must be crazy and quickly dismiss the notion altogether.

I was one of those people that believed they were there, but didn’t believe that I could reach them or they would reach back…. Boy was I ever wrong.  And I haven’t been locked up in a fancy white jacket either.  I talk to my Angels and Guides every single day now, and they have helped me in oh so many wonderful ways.

So strap yourself down and get ready to launch… just kidding.  Your physical body isn’t going anywhere, but your energetic body or spirit can “journey”.  You may or may not feel a “different” sensation in your body.  If you don’t, do not worry that you’re not doing it right.  Everyone’s experience is different.  And don’t worry that you’re going to get lost anywhere and not get back.  You are and will be firmly connected to your reality and body.

Find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed.  A comfy chair with good back support is great. Sitting in lotus or cross legged is fine as long as you can sit like that for a short while. Turn off your phone, tv etc. and tell the other half and kids that you are taking some “me” time for 20 minutes or so.  It’s totally fine if there is background noise or cars going by.

Light a candle if you have one.  If not, you can get one for next time.  Everything will still begin to work.  Lighting a candle raises the energy vibration in the space and helps with the connection.

  1. Now that you are nice and comfortable, rest both hands on your thighs and connect your thumb and forefinger together.  Close your eyes and take 3 – 5 long deep breaths and relax your body and mind.  If you want to wear an eye mask that’s perfectly fine.  Hold the intention that you are going to connect with your Guardian Angel.  You can say out loud or to yourself, “I am going to connect with my Guardian Angel”. Take a few more deep breaths thinking this then just breathe normally, following your breath in and out.
  2. You have given your mind, body and spirit notice of what is about to happen. Intention is an amazing tool when you realize and know the power of it.  Continue to breathe in a relaxed manner and now say to yourself, “I connect to my Higher Self” and hold this thought for 15 – 20 seconds.  Don’t worry if other thoughts run through your mind, just give them free passage through.  Don’t argue with them or judge them, just let them be.  You may at this point feel a bit lighter in your body, a different type of “pressure” in your head or somewhat dizzy.  This is perfectly normal and you will get used to it over time. 
  3. You are now ready to “invoke” or invite your Guardian Angel to communicate with you. This can be done in many, many ways, it really is the intention and the energy of the intention that is most important.  So have fun and feel free to make up your own.  For today try saying this – out loud or quietly to yourself:

:  I call to my Guardian Angel, I invoke you and ask you to be here now.  I ask you to    protect and guide me as always.  I invite you to commune with me.  Thank you.  [gratitude is always important when working with spirit]

You may feel, see, hear or know that something has shifted or presented itself to you.    Before I saw my Angels, I would feel them as an energetic vibration in my body and know that it was them.  It is possible that you will all of a sudden feel emotional and perhaps even cry.  This is your Angels sending you love.  It is a very beautiful and special moment.  Enjoy and embrace it.

I encourage you to have a few simple questions ready to ask so that you can become familiar with this different dialogue.  Things like, what is your name? what form do you take?  How many Angels do I have?  Get creative and imaginative. 

Then pay attention to everything around you.  You will receive messages in a subtle way at first.  If you asked what is your name, then be still and the first name that pops into your mind will be the answer.   Or if you asked whether or not you should take that vacation, you may notice the sound of an airplane over head or a car racing by.  This would be “yes”.

 It may take a few times before you begin to “trust” the messages that you are receiving from your Guardian Angel, so please don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel as though anything happens the first few times.  They are there and reaching for you.  It is normal to be a bit apprehensive or nervous the first few times and that can play into things so be kind and patient with yourself.

Stay tuned for the next blog as I get into how to trust and understand the messages you receive from your Angels.

Carmelle Kemp is a Modern Mystic, Spiritual Healer & Soul Coach.  Deciding that the mundane, life in box world no longer suited her, she set out on a mission to find herself and her true calling.  Clearing away the cobwebs and releasing the fear and doubt that had become strange bedfellows, Carmelle has emerged whole and one with Spirit.  

She would love nothing more than to share the world of Spirit and her knowledge of the Universe with you through the Cosmic Coaching program.   Just follow the link to talk about your desires and how working with Carmelle can change your life.


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